Essentials To Have In Your Summer Kit

Men's Skincare Summer Essentials Kit

When it comes to Summer we are typically out and about more, the days are longer, the sun is shining and generally we are all just having a little bit more fun. To ensure the good times keep rolling then, a men’s skincare kit with all the essentials for summer is a necessity. There is no doubt you will be needing one this summer, for weekend getaways or last minute “sleepovers” (instead of trekking it all the way home after a night out). This bag carries the essentials for all men, whether you’re a business class frequent flyer or a Bondi couch surfer, whoever you are, this list will have you covered!                          

Must Haves In Your Summer Kit


We all know an Aussie Summer’s UV is high, so a bottle or spray of sunscreen is necessary to keep handy. We recommend anything between 30-50+ SPF.

BB Cream

If you're still feeling a little dull from winter and not big on tanning, then a BB Cream is perfect for you. A BB Cream is a ‘Balance Balm’ that is like a tinted moisturiser, that will help you with your summer glow and even out your skin tone as well. BB Creams also usually come with SPF already included. Here at Tony & Munro ours certainly does. It is from our men’s skincare plus range, stocked in light, medium and dark shades. Pick one or mix two together.


Hair Styling Product / Comb

You don’t want to get caught without it. Get rid of bed hair instantly or when you need a touch up. ‘Uppercut Deluxe’ is very popular and easy to use. With a comb ready at your fingertips, you won’t need to worry about your hands getting too much product on them as well.


Do we really need to explain why this is key? Add a small tube of toothpaste and you're set. This may be controversial, but floss never goes astray either.

Three in one wash

This is when being a man comes in handy, it might not be right, but in this case an all three in one, body wash, shampoo and conditioner is the way to go for when you aren’t in the comforts of your own home with all the essentials. Any brand will work for the odd time you will need it, found in your local supermarket.


Now this should be worn year round, but in Summer an extra spray won’t hurt. Smelling good and staying dry… enough said here. Any of the men’s brands are a simple win, but if you would like something vegan and natural then ‘Stuff’ is recommended.


After long days at the beach, our skin tends to dry out a little from the salt water. It is always good to keep a moisturiser handy to refresh your skin after a swim. Of course here at Tony & Munro we have a Moisturiser that hydrates your skin and smooths out your pores too! It is one of our best sellers, and should be part of every man’s skincare routine.

Disposable Razor / Shaving Cream

Never put yourself in a situation where it seems like your best option is to shave your face with hand soap, or worse, just water. The easy way to avoid this is by keeping a small shaving cream in your kit and always making sure you’re stocked up. Gillette disposable razors are great to use and are small enough to fit in any kit. If you only have one,  dry the blades on a towel after shaving. Water is the major culprit in dulling blades and they will last a little longer this way too! Gillette also does shaving foam for all skin types… bonus. Found in your local supermarket.


Hand Sanitiser

This is a must in the world we live in today, especially when you are not close to a sink and need to wash your hands. Many come in small travel sizes so it is easy to pop into your pocket as well. Also found in your local supermarket.

Lip Balm

For those hot, windy days in Summer, lip balms are essential to alleviate cracked or dry lips. Nivea produces an entire range of balms with SPF 15 in them too.

There’s your summer kit complete, ready to go, with the help of some Tony & Munro men’ skincare products. If you're interested in adding a face cream to your kit too, then check out which cream is for you here.

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