Fusion Cosmetics: A Beginners Guide to Men’s Makeup

Guide to Men’s Makeup
Men’s personal care has been dominated by the shower gels, shaving creams and aftershaves of the typical bathroom cabinet for decades now. But that’s all about to change with the emergence of the latest (and set-to-be permanent) trend of fusion cosmetics. No longer does banishing that spot mean stealing a sneaky dab of zit cream from your partner, roommate, or sister. Thanks to the steady rise of men’s beauty brands, there’s a whole new world of products designed specifically for men’s skin, to have you looking great and feeling confident every day.


A little-known fact about men’s skin: It’s around 25% thicker than women’s. It also has a different texture and is subject to a unique set of skin concerns. So, guys, put down her concealer and back away slowly.

Men’s skin has been sadly neglected by the beauty industry for some time now, with a half-hearted offering of ‘manly’ moisturisers on offer, squeezed somewhere between the razor blades and deodorants section of your local supermarket. Whilst maintaining a bit of facial hair is about the furthest most men have ventured into skincare to date, many are battling acne and spots, redness, puffiness and premature ageing, just as their female friends and family are. Unfortunately, the skincare and cosmetics used by your gal pals just aren’t going to cut it on your own skin.

Enter stage right: Men’s fusion cosmetics. Simply put, it’s skincare meets makeup, and it’s quickly becoming the new norm for men’s personal care routines. Research suggests that men are increasingly concerned with maintaining and enhancing their skin to boost confidence and put their best face forward. And why not? After all, beauty belongs to everyone.

“It’s no secret that men are just as concerned about looking great as women are. Unfortunately, there’s been a stigma around everyday blokes taking care of their skin and wearing makeup for decades. Fusion cosmetics brands like Tony & Munro aim to change that, by making men’s cosmetics mainstream. We want men to look great and feel confident every day.” Tony Tsianakas, Co-founder Tony & Munro

Designed specifically for men’s skin, fusion cosmetics like those from the Tony & Munro page, help to protect men’s skin, minimise blemishes and enhance skin’s natural radiance for a smoother, more youthful and more balanced complexion.


Although it’s gaining ground quickly, men’s fusion cosmetics is still a little intimidating for many a bloke. And it’s no wonder – it’s not as though using a BB cream is something you and your mates all practiced around the mirror as teens. Fortunately, men’s beauty brands are all too aware of this. Which is why many of them have formulated product lines that offer instant, transformative results, while at the same time being quick and easy to apply. In just three simple steps, you can level up your skincare routine in no time. Here’s how.


Feeling tired? The eyes are the first to show it. A hydrating eye gel restores life to tired skin around the eyes by boosting hydration, softening fine lines, reducing redness and dark circles, and tightening the skin. To use, simply apply a small amount to the fingertips and gently dab around the eyes. Allow it to dry before moving onto the next steps in your new skincare routine.


Suffering from uneven skin tone, dark circles, or redness? A correcting concealer is your secret weapon for perfect skin tone. A little goes a long way when it comes to a good concealer, so apply a small amount to dark circles under the eyes, red or patchy skin, or spots and blemishes, and tap lightly until well-blended. This effortless addition to your beauty routine lasts all day, giving you that all-important confidence boost, no matter the occasion.


Worried about looking a little Ron Burgundy, with a full face of caked-on foundation? Worry not! BB cream, or ‘blemish balm cream’ is an all-in-one face saviour, designed to offer you the triple-whammy of hydration, protection, and coverage, without the caked-on look. Think sunscreen, moisturiser and complexion corrector in one miracle bottle.

The SPF formulation of a BB cream will protect skin against the sun, which means preventing premature ageing signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. Meanwhile, the nourishing ingredients help to rehydrate the skin, boost radiance, and reduce existing lines. Finally, BB cream offers a light, natural coverage to minimise blemishes, redness and dark circles, for instantly smoother and imperfection-free skin. Just pump a little onto the fingertips and apply to cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Then blend in gently for a flawless, light, and natural finish.

When you’re done for the day (or night), simply wash off with water and a gentle face cleanser. And remember – washing your skin daily (with a good, non-dehydrating face wash) will prevent future breakouts and help skin look its best every day.

“There’s nothing sexier than confidence, and there’s nothing more confidence-boosting than having great skin. Fusion cosmetics for men combines powerful skincare with fuss-free cosmetics to help you look good and feel great every day.” Ewan Belsey, Co-founder Tony & Munro

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