Popular Gift Sets For Men

Popular Gift Sets For Men

Do you still have some men in your life who use a 3 in 1 body wash from their local supermarket? This is where you can use special days like Christmas day or their birthday, to gift them proper skincare. When it comes to gifting men’s grooming products, you can’t  go wrong with a complete set. If there’s one thing in it that they might not always use, then they’ll still have a few options to choose from.

We’ve picked out the best skincare kits and gifts for men that will get results and see that pesky soap, set aside forever.

Bro-To, Go-To
One skincare gift pack to always obsess over is a simple and effective night time routine. Bro-To make a Good Night skin pack that features a gentle cleansing mousse designed to clean the face and keep it free from breakouts; a replenishing hair and body wash to give you a real thorough wash after a long day’s work; and a creamy face cream that is ultra nourishing. Fool proof for any 1st timers. 

Tony & Munro

The Tony & Munro Ultimate Set For Men comes complete with a Moisturiser, an Eye Gel, a Concealer and a Tinted Moisturiser, in the shade of your choice. This combo pack  has everything a man needs and more. Your dry skin and under eye dark circles will disappear and your blemishes and scars will be no longer.



The Hero For Him kit is one for the bearded man in your life. It includes a luxe shaving cream, body wash that nourishes and moisturises the skin, and a beard oil that will prevent flaking of dry skin and give your facial hair a luminous shine.


The men’s Energising Essentials Gift Set features a refreshing face wash, a moisturiser and an exfoliating body bar for healthy-looking skin, a trifecta that will actually clean the skin.


If we know anything, we know most men like to be in and out of the shower. The Fresh Face & Body Bundle set comes with a head and body all in one pump and a face wash that you simply scrub on and rinse off. They are combined with Sweet Almond Oil, Charcoal and Aloe Vera… hmm nothing like a fresh man that walks out of the shower.

If you loved all these skincare sets featuring men’s grooming products, that are perfect for gifting, then check out our full range of bundle sets here at Tony & Munro. Something for every man in your life, especially if they are just starting out!


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