From Moisturiser to Mascara: Top 5 Upcoming Trends in Men’s Cosmetics

5 Upcoming Trends in Men’s Cosmetics

Think it’s just the YouTubers, TV personalities and social media influencers wearing men’s makeup right now? Think again! In his first three months in office, French President Emmanuel Macron is said to have spent over USD 300,000 on a personal makeup artist. Another report reveals Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu spent some $1750 on makeup during one of his New York shopping sprees. Whether you’re following world politics or not, it just goes to show, all types of men are taking a good hard look at themselves in the mirror these days.

The cosmetic industry is worth a whopping $536 billion, globally, and shows no signs of slowing down. And while it’s still true that women account for the majority of this market, men are making up an ever-increasing proportion of the skincare and beauty-conscious demographic. So, as men’s skincare and makeup make headway in the beauty market, what products, in particular, are you going to see as the hottest trends in the coming months. Here are the top five.

1. SPF

With each passing year, both men and women are more concerned with protecting themselves from the sun. And it’s no wonder, the Australian, USA, and Canadian governments have invested heavily in sun safety campaigns to help bring down the instances of skin cancer in their communities.

However, sun safety is only part of the message. The premature ageing and damaging effects of the sun on your face are becoming more widely understood, which is why 3-in-1 products like BB Creams are already taking centre stage in the men’s fusion cosmetics space. Not only do these lightweight creams smooth the complexion for a flawless face, but they also hydrate the skin and protect against the harmful rays of the sun, preventing sun damage and reducing premature ageing and fine lines.

Our tip: Be sure to pop a tube of SPF 30+ BB cream into your sports bag, alongside your deodorant, to protect your skin and look your best at a moment’s notice.


Speaking of hydration – moisturisers are another women’s bathroom cabinet staple which are making their way into the hands of men around the globe. It’s a wonder it’s taken so long when you consider the fact that men’s skin is tougher and often oilier than women’s. Moisturisers are another powerful way to prevent premature ageing and can even fight off breakouts and blemishes, as they help to regulate skin’s hydration and control excess oil.

Men’s moisturising products are becoming so sought-after that many of the fusion cosmetics popping up online and on shelves are focusing on moisturising ingredients such as botanicals and other natural ingredients. According to Beauty RX's Dr Shultz: 

“First things first: Using a facial moisturiser doesn’t have to take away from your masculinity. There are plenty of moisturisers on the market that can nourish your skin without added fragrance,” he explains. “In fact, a moisturiser may not only be an integral part of your everyday skin care regimen, but may also make your skin feel more comfortable, smoother, and healthier.”

So, if you’re not already moisturising, now’s the time to start.


As is becoming increasingly clear, women aren’t the only ones concerned with putting their best face forward. Whether at work, or out on the weekend, having a flawless complexion is a concern for everyone. As men’s cosmetics brands begin to emerge and build their profiles, men around the globe are finding products that are made with their skin in mind. Concealers made specifically for men’s skin are quickly emerging as a must-have product, offering correcting properties that smooth red undertones, reduce dark circles and cover the odd blemish. This secret weapon will soon be a part of every man’s skincare routine.

Expert tip: A little goes a long way when it comes to concealers. Start with a small dab, gently pat into the area of concern, and add more if necessary.


Nobody likes a puffy eye! Snapping at the heels of moisturisers and SPF products in men’s fusion cosmetics trends are eye gels and creams. A natural addition to any skincare routine, eye products target the softer and more sensitive skin around the eyes, which is prone to puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. A good eye gel or cream will not only soothe and hydrate the skin but will also smooth fine lines and reduce puffiness.

Shopping tip: While it’s safe to use women’s eye products on your skin, they simply won’t be as effective as one made with men’s skin in mind. For example, this eye gel made for men, by men


Men’s eye makeup was once reserved for rock stars sporting dark eyeliner, outrageous eyeshadow, and no small amount of hairspray. These days, however, men’s makeup is of the more subtle variety and is quickly gaining ground in the beauty industry. Mascara is one such product set to take off over the coming years. Not only is it easy to apply (with a little bit of practice, at least), but it can be a great addition to any look – be it subtle or more adventurous. YouTuber and influencer, Wesley Benjamin Carter, tells The Cut why mascara is a daily wear for him:

“I wear makeup most of the time when I leave the house. Usually, it’s something light and natural, but when I’m working, whether it be filming or going to events or even going to the clubs, I definitely wear a full face of glam,” he said. “I wear mascara because I love the way it makes your eyes pop and draws attention to them.”


Although it hasn’t hit the mainstream just yet, soon to be bending gender norms worldwide is the good old-fashioned bronzer. As makeup for men becomes more popular, bronzer will come to the fore as a beauty essential for men, as it has been for women for decades. Although still in its infancy for regular Joes, bronzer is a must-have for many a powerful man around the globe (the Macrons and Netanyahus being a prime example). Not only can it brighten the face and add some much-needed colour, it also helps to match the tone of the face to the neck, shoulders, and chest.

Pro tip: When shopping for your first bronzer, avoid anything shimmering, as this won’t give you a natural look. Opt for matte shades instead and, if possible, go for a dedicated men’s product.

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