Why Use Face Creams and Which One Should You Use?

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Men’s face creams come in many forms of moisturising products, but what particular type of moisturiser is right for you? Men usually have a thicker layer of skin to begin with (about 25%) and it’s more tough and rough due to facial hair and possible damage from years of shaving. The best face cream for men should be tailored to your specific needs, such as ageing, fine lines, dark spots, dry, sensitive or oily skin. The products you choose will then in turn help to hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin. When choosing a face cream, it is important to consider your individual skin type and choose a product that will suit your needs. Below are the most common.

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Anti Wrinkle Options

An anti-wrinkle men’s face cream is a perfect option for those who are starting to feel like they are seeing a few more lines or who are seeing that their skin is beginning to drop (early signs of ageing). Look for those products that provide pro-retinol A, soothe any razor burn, provide all day hydration, and most importantly show results of reducing wrinkles and firming the skin.

Combination Skin Option

For combination skin types, find a product that hydrates and primes the skin while also helping with filling in fine lines and smoothing down any large pores. If it finishes off with your skin looking radiant and matte, that's a bonus. Find one that contains ingredients such as Argon Oil, Aloe Extract and Calendula Flower Extract to name a few. These help with all-day hydration, smoothness of skin and a fresh base if you wish to pop on any other skincare after!

                            men's skincare bundle

Oily Skin Option

Men with oily prone skin need to invest in a lightweight non-greasy formula that controls the shine in oilier areas, allows the skin to feel softer and smoother and provides a matte finish. You can make sure the products you buy, won't clog any pores, due to it being non-comedogenic (meaning it does not clog or block pores) and is of course oil and alcohol free.

Dry Skin Options

For those with dry skin, products that offer fast absorbing moisture and protect the skin from pollution particles, that could cause dryness to your skin throughout the day, are ideal for you. There are 5 kinds of Ceramides (a positive type of fatty acids) that help to strengthen your skin barrier and prevent moisture loss, so look out for them! One that contains Vitamin E and Niacinamide, and leaves your skin soothed and hydrated is perfect for dry skin.

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