Your Survival Pack for the Party Season

Your Survival Pack for the Party Season

It’s about that time of the year again when there are endless dinners booked, family gatherings on and multiple end of year catch up drinks. Yes, it’s the festive season or silly season as I like to call it. While there is so much to love about it - and if you’re like me and get a bit socially excited, it can be hard to back up across multiple weeks. I have pulled together my top tips to survive this party season. Plus my go to product - aka secret weapon this season.


The number one skin-rule, this season without exception, is to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. It sounds incredibly simple, but you would be surprised at the amount of people that drink very little H2O. During Christmas and New Year, it’s easy to become dehydrated as alcohol decreases the production of the antidiuretic hormone (which is used by the body to reabsorb water). It also makes you look super tired with dull-looking skin. A good way of keeping yourself hydrated is to drink 1 glass of water for every glass of alcohol (this will also dampen your hangover the next morning). Ask yourself why it is so easy to down several beers, but not so much, several glasses of water!

Eye Gel Cream

The night after… sore tired and puffy eyes - anyone? Yes, that’s most of us after a big session. Eye gel is actually my secret weapon for the morning after and I'm surprised by how many guys do not know about it! Especially when there's another function you need to get to. Men’s eye gel or cream will have you backed up in no time, ready to party again. Here at Tony & Munro, I place my Eye Gels in the fridge for that extra hit. Placing the bottle into the fridge the night before popping it under and around your eyes reduces the puffiness and dark circles and will have you looking on point and ready for the next event.

                              TONY AND MUNRO REVIVE HYDRATING EYE GEL HTU


There’s nothing more important than sleep, but especially when it comes to the silly season. You need to ensure you are still making time for yourself and resting, otherwise you won't be able to back yourself up as much as you would like to. As we get older it takes a few more extra days to recover compared to when we were younger, remember that. I always try to get to the parties early and ensure I leave at a decent hour to ensure I have enough snooze hours.

Keep Active

Staying active over the festive season is a great way to assist in your physical and mental health. They don't have to be gruelling workouts, even a walk to separate yourself from all the December madness. You can even combine your workouts with a buddy or get some salty ocean goodness with a surf or head out for a round of golf.


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Signing off, from your expert resident King.

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