New Year, Time To Level Up Your Skincare Game.

New Year. New Skincare Routine for Men.
Lose fat, gain muscle, drink less booze, eat better...common New Year resolutions regularly evolve around getting healthier, so why not include a New Year men's skincare resolution! It's undeniable, we all want clear bright skin but some of us just don't know where to start. Help is at hand. We've pulled the team together to bring you a few good skincare habits that you can easily adopt. So, let's get started and wave goodbye to our skincare woes.

Drink more water
Worth kicking off with the easiest and possibly already on your list of goals for the year - drink more water. Adequate hydration can help with so many things. From joint health and workout stamina to mood and mental focus and of course the appearance of your skin. To add more water to your regular intake you can use anything from apps to flavouring your water. Set yourself mini goals, for example each week try adding one more glass a day to what you are currently drinking and build up the intake slowly over time.

Moisturise (morning and night)
That's right gents, simply start moisturising and do it both morning and night. Make it a habitual part of your everyday along with brushing your teeth (we do hope you do that morning and night!). Using a high quality men's face moisturiser like Tony & Munro's Shine Control Moisturiser and Primer, provides a load of benefits including further hydration to ease dryness and helps prevent ageing, fine line and other skin imperfections. A small amount goes a long way and literally take a minute of your time.

Wear sunscreen every day
This one is a bit like needing to drink more water. We know it, we just don't always do it. As we get older, we notice the loss of skin elasticity - when it's basically too late. Exposing skin to UV speeds up this process along with all the other dangers we are aware of. Using SPF 50 on your skin every day will help prevent damage that quickens skin aging and protect you from harmful UV rays.

Get smarter about your men's skincare brands
Guys it's time to get better informed and make smarter choices when it comes to what skincare brands you purchase. Let's not just reach for the cheapest on the shelf. There is likely a good reason that it is priced that way. When choosing your next men's skincare brand sure the product is cruelty free (not tested on animals) and the ingredients are sustainably sourced. The products should also be vegan and are sulphate & paraben free (free from nasties) and if you find one like Tony & Munro where the packaging is recyclable then you are onto a winner. Read more about our values here.

So our with the old and in with the new men's skincare habits starting now!

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