What are the best grooming products for men?

best grooming products for men

What are the best grooming products for men?

Men’s grooming products are fast growing as a staple in every man’s kit. Looking the part whether it be for work or for your partner, requires a good set of grooming products. Yes, there was a time where a neatly trimmed beard or throwing moisturiser on made you supposedly less of a man, but that’s over now - grooming is in! So, if you are unsure of how to groom or what products are best to use, continue to read on and you'll find out.

                       grooming products for men

Here are our top picks for
men’s grooming products.

Beard Care
With facial hair trending, ensuring you have the right men’s grooming products in your kit for beard care is essential. Turn that facial hair into a work of art rather than a hairy mess.

These products include getting yourself a quality set of trimmers and a good beard oil or balm, which is perfect for softening the facial hair and eliminating the itch.

Face Care
Your face is the priority when it comes to men’s grooming, as this is the first area everyone notices. We recommend two key men’s face products as a starting point. The first is eye gel. Regular use of eye gel helps tighten the skin around the eyes, reduce fine lines, redness and dark circles. Helping to slow down signs of ageing around your delicate eye area.

Next is investment in a really good moisturiser. Moisturiser is a product that should be used twice daily to rid yourself of your dry skin, especially in winter. Here at Tony & Munro we have our own ‘Shine Control’ Men’s Moisturiser that hydrates and revives your skin. It fills in fine lines and smooths out pores, leaving a radiant matte finish… what man wouldn't want to add this to their list of grooming products?!

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When it comes to men’s grooming products for the face, a growing trend is men’s BB cream. Some may be sceptical, but this product is a weapon. Our Renew Nourishing BB Cream is perfect for everyday wear as it comes with SPF 30+ and contains Kakadu Plum extract which helps reduce wrinkles naturally and promotes collagen production. It is lightweight and looks natural when applied, so no need to worry, the only thing anyone will notice is how good your skin looks!

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Body Care
Whilst your face is the most important, you cannot forget about the rest of your body. Not only does your skin still get dry, but build up of sweat happens more easily under your clothes than on your face. This is why a body wash and scrub should be a morning or night ritual. Hand exfoliator mitts are quite useful and will not damage and tear your skin. There are a range of body washes on the market, but one with added hydration/moisturiser and limited nasty ingredients that will not irritate your skin is the way to go.

Tony & Munro has been created and envisioned typically for men’s skin. Here at T&M, one of our bundles, ‘The Tony and Munro Ultimate Set For Men’ is the perfect addition to your grooming products.

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