Men need skin care too!

Men skin care

Cosmetics for men are starting to trend among more than just the Gen Z, however it is still a taboo topic for some. You could say face care routines for some men go as far as the shower they take in the morning, but being a male doesn’t mean that your skin can't or shouldn’t be taken care of or enhanced. After all, it is a great confidence booster.

Skincare for men does not need to be complicated, it can be done in as little as 5 minutes before you head to work for the day. If you are a guy that is outdoorsy and spends lots of time in the sun, maybe you work in the mines surrounded by dirt and fumes or are a chef in a hot kitchen all day, your skin can react. Many don't realise it, but elements are absorbed by your skin daily leaving a variety of toxins on and in the skin. Therefore your skincare should be taken seriously and a simple routine is better than none.

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Here are our top tips when considering investing in your skincare routine.

  • The environment that you work in can play a massive part in how your skin looks and feels daily. Whether you work out in the sun, around smoke, in air conditioning, dust, dirt, fumes, chemicals or pollution, all these environments will impact your skin. Cleansing your face morning and night will minimise the rashes and build-up of blemishes and reduce the amount of oils that have seeped into your skin.

  • The sun is a beautiful thing, but are you being sun safe when outdoors? Being in the sun can produce burns, wrinkles and dry skin and with time can be very damaging to the skin. Using sunscreen or a men’s face moisturiser with SPF in it will reduce the harsh rays coming in contact with your skin and will keep your skin looking younger for longer.

  • Shaving daily can cause all kinds of skin irritations and breakouts. If your job requires you to be clean shaven or if you just prefer it, then remember to always use clean razors, clean the blades, do not leave them wet and definitely do not dry shave! It is best to shave after your shower to reduce razor burn, use a cream that is fragrance free so it does not cause any extra irritations and moisturise soon after.

  • Have you noticed the fine lines and crow’s feet appearing around the eyes? Perhaps you have dark circles or are looking tired? Then you should 100% consider an eye gel or cream. Adding a men’s eye gel to your routine will add less than a minute to your morning, but you will be glad you did. Eye gels will soften the lines and tighten the skin around the eyes over time. They also can help reduce dark circles and brighten the eye area leaving you looking your best.

  • Sometimes the cheaper option from your grocery store is doing you more harm than good. Some products to avoid are those that have triclosan, parabens, sulphates and phthalates in them. These ingredients can cause reactions like dermatitis, skin irritation or even an allergic reaction. Therefore it is so important you read the product description and choose a brand that includes all the good stuff!

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Men’s skincare Australia is taken seriously at Tony & Munro. We cover the must have men’s skincare and cosmetic products. We see many men coming to us and only for the first time realising these products exist and once trying, falling in love with. At Tony & Munro we make premium skin products for men, by men. We understand that men have different skin to women, usually oiler and thicker. All product formulas are designed with this in mind.

So if you have been considering whether or not to add skincare and cosmetic products into your routine and what all the fuss is about, then check out our range.

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