We're an Australian first-of-its kind brand producing Hybrid Skincare, specifically for men.

    We know that your skin is about 25% thicker, is generally oiler and has larger + more pores, so we felt the need to create a category of products, just for you.

    That’s why our products are more absorbent, non-oily and pore minimising, helping you to stay hydrated, looking your best and feeling confident all day long.


    We want to be the leading provider of men’s Hybrid Skincare in Australia and around the world.


    To help you look your best and feel confident wherever you go.


    The prefect confidence boost! Our products are designed with your skin in mind, to help you look your best, whether you’re at work or out on the town. It’s about being unafraid to be who you are. The best, version of you!

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Discover Tony & Munro

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Discover Tony & Munro

"I’ve enjoyed using the Eye Gel and BB Cream everyday as part of my morning routine leaving me with that glowing skin. The Concealer is great for whenever I have breakouts or redness that I want to cover up as well - and it applies so easily." Connor Grant - @con_elicious, Gold Coast, Australia

"Do your skin and yourself a favour and grab some Tony & Munro. The Revive Hydrating eye gel is out of this world amazing. I saw results within a week. The Nourishing BB Cream is smooth like velvet, provides great coverage and a flawless finish without looking like you have a tinted sunscreen on. It is 5 five star quality products at a reasonable price." Customer Review

(verified customer)

"The BB Cream and Concealer have great coverage as well as looking natural which is always great. The Hydrating Eye Gel really made a difference as my under eyes and nose area have been extremely dry lately and [it] nourished my skin. It also acted as a sort of Primer for the Concealer too." Christian Hart - @christian_hart, Sydney

"Excellent Concealer and BB Cream! I use shade 'mid' and it blends seamlessly. [My skin] looks naturally healthy, rested and younger." Doughie Dan, Australia

(verified customer)

"I would recommend anyone to support this Australian company as the products and service are first class. You are never too old to try something new!" @shano_68

"I use 02 and 03, in conjunction with each other. I have quite a reddish complexion which has bothered me a bit, especially when going out. I wanted to find a solution designed for men, as opposed to using something off the shelf from the pharmacy and which is designed for women. The concealer (02) provides a good foundation for under the eyes and red-spots and then the tinted moisturiser (03) on top to provide an overall finish. I use both products extremely sparingly, just a small bead of each is all it takes when applied correctly. The great thing is that these products have resolved the issue I have, without making me look like a circus clown! The finish is very natural - which is important to me, and no one knows you are wearing anything." Wade F

(verified customer)

"Great products that work really well for men." Customer Review

(verified customer)

“I found the products, the shopping experience, Information & Tutorials, all very informative." Steve West

(verified customer)

“To be completely honest, I have never used a product that worked so well on my skin. I have a really red complexion with some dermatitis and have become extremely self conscious about it. Your product has given me my self-confidence back. Thank you.” Dan Dare - @dan_and_georgie Queensland 

“I'm really liking the BB cream. I like the fact it has everything, including sunscreen. I would say it has far more coverage than what I was used to in other similar products. It really brightens the complexion and I just have to ensure I don't use too much. The light shade is lighter than other brands so this time I have purchased two colours to mix and match depending on whether I have any self-tan on. I'm also really liking the Moisturiser & Primer. As a stand-alone product T&M is far more moisturising and I feel I could use it as a stand-alone moisturiser. These are my two favourite products in the range and will definitely continue to purchase. I'll look out for any new products as well. Keep up the good work!” Josh M

(verified customer)

“I purchased The Tony & Munro Set as a gift for my best friend as he had always talked about his skin needing some extra help, but he didn't know what products to buy or use. When he stumbled across Tony & Munro, he was really interested in the products, especially as they were targeted for men. After using the Hydrating Eye Gel, Correcting Concealer and Renew Nourishing BB Cream, he immediately fell in love with the products and couldn't wait to make his next order! He is obsessed with the quality of the products, how quick and easy it is to apply, blend, cover and conceal any blemishes, without it being too thick or heavy. Since using these products, it has given him such a confidence boost! He still can't believe what a perfect solution this was for his skin problems, and can't wait to try all of the other products!” Caitlin Pacheco - @caitlinpacheco

“The concealer and the moisturiser which I purchased were great and were really what I was after. Great stuff! The T&M Customer Service team sent me some samples straightaway, which made the decision process easy." Anthony T (verified customer) Vic, Australia

“Received the products yesterday and first time using them today! Best men’s skincare I’ve used so far. I love that they are a matte finish and not oily! Thank you!” Ron Argame @ronnyboy_08

Melbourne, Australia

"I am obsessed with the products. Absolutely love them. And my skin tone is so even. It’s a battle between my boyfriend and I who gets the products on their face first thing in the morning. Working in live theater and entertainment it’s important for men to also look good on stage and not be afraid of makeup and this brand provides that flawless look, but without looking like you’re wearing makeup." Mitch Fistrovic - Actor, Sydney

"I often find I can’t relate to product designed exclusively for men, but Tony & Munro is the exception. When you first unbox the Tony & Munro range, you can see the thought and love that has gone into every detail. The branding masculine, but without discrimination. My favourite thing, however, is the charity, particularly anti-bullying is at its core."
James Tawfik - BOY! Incognito, Sydney

"Ordering was easy, delivered on time and love your products." Ian G. London

(verified customer)

"The Tony & Munro products are amazing and help a lot – I’m seeing the results already which is incredible. Putting numbers on the bottle helps immensely and makes it so simple to use." Levi Neufeld - @leviticus, Australia

"Just wanted to say thank you. Your product is awesome and works great. I’m actually a tradie and thought you might be able to notice it, but it blends in so well. I will definitely be getting it [BB Cream] again when I’m running low." Ryan Watson, NSW Australia

(verified customer)