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Renew Nourishing BB Cream for Men

Nourishes and hydrates, providing SPF 30 protection, smoothing out redness and blemishes, for a flawless, light and natural look. Contains Kakadu Plum extract. Available in three shades: Light, Mid & Dark. Free exchange on shades available*.

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    The first and only BB Cream made in Australia, for men, by men.

    Nourishes and hydrates, providing SPF 30 protection, smoothing out redness and blemishes, for a flawless, light and natural look.

    Balance. Protect. Hydrate.
    Kakadu Plum extract
    All Skin Types

    Renew BB Cream for men by Tony & Munro is a moisture-rich, all in one Blemish Balm available in three shades to match your skin, helping to cover fine lines, reduce redness and dark circles, provide daily UV protection and hydrate your skin. Enriched with Indigenous Australian botanical, Kakadu Plum, a natural source of Vitamin C, Renew helps to smooth and balance the complexion and encourage elasticity for a flawless effect and smooth skin feeling.

    We’re all about helping you to be confident in your own skin and that means taking good care of it. This non-oily formula replaces your daily moisturising routine and offers a light, natural coverage to keep skin looking flawless and feeling nourished. Feel cool, in control and looking confident all day.

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Apply a small amount to clean skin, after using our Revive Eye Gel, taking care to blend into the hair, beard or neckline and wipe away any excess. We recommend applying our Correcting Concealer before applying Renew BB Cream, to cover red undertones and persistent blemishes, but there is no fixed rule around which comes first.

Unlike tinted moisturisers, BB Cream gives you superior hydration as well as a full-coverage finish. Renew BB Cream is a natural-looking Blemish Balm Cream, which can be layered for extra coverage, or applied sparingly for a lighter finish. You no longer have to use your mum’s, girlfriend’s, or sister’s BB Cream! Renew has been specially formulated for men’s unique skin needs.

How To Use

Our numbering system is designed to make it easy for you to get the best results, but there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing Concealer or BB Cream.

You might like to start with wearing our all-in-one Blemish Balm for a lightweight coverage, superior hydration and protection against harmful UV rays. Then, if you need a little more help covering those stubborn spots or redness, use our Correcting Concealer for extra coverage.

Step One

Squeeze a small amount of BB Cream onto your fingertips before applying to your face.

Step Two

Apply a small amount to cheeks, forehead nose and chin.

Step Three

Spread evenly over entire face with your fingers to create an even look and finish.

Step Four

Our BB Cream has a thicker consistency to suit tougher male skin. So, gently massage to increase absorption and blend into the hair, beard or neckline, wiping away any excess.

Clean Up

All of our products easily wash off with water. So at the end of the day, just rinse your face with cold water, or use a gentle face wash and you’re all done. Washing your face daily is important to help remove excess oil and dirt from your skin and pores. It also helps your skin repair naturally, preventing ageing and giving you a natural glow.

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