What’s Trending in Men’s Skincare ?

What’s Trending in Men’s Skincare ?

As men’s skincare care becomes more widely used, trends are forming. Catch onto all the biggest trends of 2022 right here.

Ethical choices

When it comes to men’s skincare, ethical choices are becoming more and more popular. Consumers are realising that they can find products that are vegan and do not cause havoc to their skin or the environment. Ethical choices for men’s skincare include products that are cruelty-free and sustainable. These products are often made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

Many ethical skincare brands also give back to charitable causes, making them a great choice for consumers who want to make a difference in the world. With so many options available, there is no excuse for not choosing an ethical skincare brand. When it comes to your skincare, ethical choices are the way to go!

Skincare is actually sexy

It is not just the women who like to feel good and look good. There’s nothing more sexier than a man who knows how to take care of their skin and cares about how they scrub up. In recent times, with men’s skincare now a part of the social norms, it allows men to experiment with different products for hair, face or beard which adds to their confidence levels. Just as women have been able to do for years.


Rejuvenated Youthful Skin

Anti-aging creams and rejuvenating gels are all a go-to right now! Products that focus on the eyes and are designed to reduce lines, puffiness and dark circles are hugely popular. Many of us accumulate signs of puffiness and dark circles through lack of sleep, long work days, or as a result of those benders with your mates! There is nothing better than waking up and putting a cool fresh cream or gel onto our tired, puffy eyes for relief. If you have not found the perfect one yet, then our Eye Gel is one of our top sellers.

Sun Protection

As Summer heats up, it's becoming more and more cool to slap on that SPF! Whether you're hitting the beach for a surf or sunbake, playing golf with friends, or just enjoying a leisurely walk in the park, we are finding it more important to take steps to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. If you are still feeling a little pale from winter, then look no further.

Here at Tony & Munro we offer SPF in all our
BB Creams, which add a tint of colour and cover any blemishes or redness you may have. You can also look for a simple SPF in stores too! By taking these simple precautions, you can enjoy all that summer has to offer without worrying about sun damage, which is cool!


Here at Tony & Munro we love jumping on all the trends and getting amongst it. Check out our Summer blog here to be prepared, just in time for summer!

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