Discover Tony & Munro

Not sure how to apply your fusion cosmetics?

Watch this pro @itsbybrandon show you how it’s done.

After a gentle exfoliation Brandon’s skin is the perfect canvas for the Tony & Munro set!

Tony & Munro – Chris Nosiara takes us through the three step process.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Apply it with your hands and in a few minutes your daily routine is done. Simple!

Tony & Munro – How to use our products by Christian Hart

We love this approach as well. See how a professional applies his quick and easy three step routine.

Tony & Munro – Demonstration of products by Zander Fitzpatrick

Watch and learn how to apply. Everything you need to look great for your day or night ahead.

Tony & Munro – Up Close & Confident

A quick look at our products, packaging, our brand and who we are.

Tony & Munro – Launch Event 2019

A little look into our launch event, some of our fabulous guests, our panel session and more.

Tony & Munro – Looking for an easy and quick way to apply your Fusion Cosmetics products?

Influencer Noah Gao shows us how he effortlessly applies the right amount of T&M Eye Gel and BB Cream (mid shade) to suit him and his skin.