Short Instructional Videos

These short instructional videos help answer some of your questions around what each of our products do, including what to use, when to use them and how to use them.

Tony & Munro Tutorials

We can’t say it enough… wash your face guys!

Even though we don’t have a face wash in our range, we feel it’s still important to promote the healthy practice of washing your face. We get loads of questions about if – and how often you should wash your face. The answer is yes and twice a day, both morning and night… especially if you’re wearing cosmetics products on your face. All of our products easily wash off in water, so at the end of the day, just rinse your face with cold water, or use a gentle face wash. Washing your face helps to remove excess oil and dirt from your skin and helps your skin repair naturally, preventing ageing. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more short demos.

Not sure how to apply our Eye Gel?

We asked our buddy @nicholaspettit to show us how he does it. Whilst he has a little help, you can easily do it yourself. Just tap on a small amount under your eyes, leave it to dry for a few seconds and experience the tightening and smoothing effect. Proven to reduce puffiness under the eyes in as little as 15 days, you’ll be coming back for more.

How to best apply your Tony & Munro Correcting Concealer

Our Correcting Concealer is useful for covering up red undertones, dark circles and blemishes, to give you the perfect confidence boost. That’s why we recommend applying it first BEFORE our BB Cream to provide a base and extra coverage. We receive many questions about how best to apply it. Watch as Andre gives us a quick demo. Try it out for yourself and see what works for you. @dreytorres_

Hydrated and Fresh Skin with Tony & Munro

Prefer your skin to look hydrated and fresh rather, that dry and flaky? The Hyaluronic Acid and natural botanicals in our Shine Control Moisturiser and Primer help with skin cell moisture retention and regeneration.

Fresh and Rested Eyes with Tony & Munro

Prefer your eyes to look and feel fresh and rested rather than puffy and tired? The Eyeseryl® in our Eye Gel helps to reduce puffy eyes in as little as 15 days.

Packed with Botanicals

Particular about what products you use on your skin? You should be! Tony & Munro products are packed with botanicals and contain no nasty chemicals. Our products are vegan, cruelty free and don’t harm the environment.

Dark Circles & Imperfections?

Conscious about dark circles and imperfections? The Tony & Munro Correcting Concealer can help you feel more confident.

Zero to 100! Trell West Men’s Grooming Routine featuring Tony & Munro

In this video @trell_west shares his grooming regimen for going from ZERO to ONE HUNDRED. He also gives some guidance on how your skincare routine should change as you age with anti-aging products from Tony & Munro.

Washing your face daily is important!

Washing your face daily is important to help remove excess oil and dirt from your skin and pores. All of our products easily wash off with water. So at the end of the day, just rinse your face with cold water, or use a gentle face wash and you’re all done. It also helps your skin repair naturally, preventing ageing and giving you a natural glow.

What exactly is a BB Cream, how does it work and what are the benefits?

Breaking it down: Paul Hughes explains what a BB Cream is, what are the differences between a BB Cream and a tinted moisturiser, the benefits of a three-in-one product, including SPF and why the Kakadu Plum extract makes the Tony & Munro BB Cream so different… and special.

‘How To’ apply your T&M products with Chris Haines

Chris Haines demonstrates ‘how to’, ‘where to’ and ‘how much’ of the Tony & Munro products to apply, along with some useful hints and tips for the Eye Gel, Concealer and BB Cream.


Ever wonder what Fusion Cosmetics is? Well simply put, it’s skincare that looks good. Watch as Noah explains what Fusion Cosmetics is, why we’ve created Fusion Cosmetics and ‘how to apply’ them.










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